Yo-ichiro Otofuji (Director)

Scientific degree Ph. D. (Kyoto University)
Profession Paleomagnetism
Researches Paleomagnetic research “Paleomagnetism of serpentinite distributed in Wakasa”
Regional geology research (P-T boundary and MMCO and Katsuta Group)
Award Geoelectromagnetic Society Tanakadate Award, Geological Society Prize
Appointments Professor Emeritus of Kobe University

Tetsumaru Itaya (Research Promotion Group Research Fellow)

Scientific degree Ph. D. (Tohoku University)
Profession K-Ar Geochronology with an interest in Petrology
Researches Study of scientific stability of Kibi Plateau
Research and development of precision dating (K-Ar method) in Human Period
Award Young Scientist prize of Japanese Association of Mineralogists,
Petrologists and Economic Geologists,
Best Paper Award of Geological Society of Japan,
Geological Society Prize, American Mineralogist Best Paper Award,
Island Arc Award, Mineralogical Society Prize
Appointments President of Japan Geochronology Network, Former Professor of Okayama University of Science

Kiyotaka Ninagwa (Research Promotion Group Researcher, Director of Environmental Radiation Measurement Office)

Scientific degree Ph. D. (Kyoto University)
Profession Solid Earth Planetary Physics
Researches Study of atmospheric composition change (radon measurement)
Appointments Okayama University of Science Specially Appointed Professor

Toru Sakiyama (Research Promotion Group Researcher, Geonet Manager)

Scientific degree Ph. D. (Hiroshima University)
Profession Petrology, Cultural geology
Researches Research on Geopark management
Research on the identification and distribution of historical stone materials
Appointments Member of Okayama Prefectural Cultural Property Protection Council
Member of Hyogo Prefectural Cultural Property Protection Council

Yoshito Yokoyama (Educational Cooperation Group Specialist, Regional Cooperation Support Office Manager)

Scientific degree M. Sc. (Hiroshima University)
Profession Petrology, Science education
Researches Relationship between geology and living in the Yoshii River basin
Appointments Chief priest of Kajinami Shrine

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